More and more buyers of homes are using home inspectors to give them an unbiased, third party OPINON on the condition of their prospective purchase. Here are the plain and simple facts you should know about home inspections.

1. You are receiving an unbiased 3rd party opinion on the condition of your prospective purchase, nothing more, nothing less.

2. A home inspector is a generalist with broad knowledge of many aspects of construction. He will give you an overview of the condition of the home only.

3. The fee you pay for a home inspection is small in proportion to the total investment you are making in a home purchase. It is well worth the money for the 3rd party opinion.

4. A qualified inspector should have passed the National Home Inspectors Exam. This exam is the single requirement of all states that currently require home inspection licensing. Ask for their results and canidate ID
number. I passed this exam on 9-11-04.
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