Let me give you some background on my education and experience. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, licensed journeyman electrician for 25 years, have owned and managed an electrical contracting business for 15 years, for the most part I have been in the construction business the last 20 years. I have built 3 new homes and remodeled 5 other homes in that time span. I have attended schools/classes in air conditioning, structural framing, fireplaces, mold detection, masonry construction and wood destroying insects to name a few. For the last 5 years I have been a FULL TIME HOME INSPECTOR. I have performed over 1300 certified inspections in the last 3 years. Since devoting my efforts solely to home inspections, I have set standards for myself and how I do inspections. They are:

1. I will not be associated with any National Inspection Companies or Chains.

2. I will not allow my company or name to be associated with any realtor "short list" or "preferred list".
(Don't let a realtor sway you into choosing a home inspector, you know what that indicates)

3. I prefer to do only 1 inspection per day. Some inspectors are proud of the fact they do 3 to 4 inspections per day. YOU CANNOT DO MORE THAN 2 INSPECTIONS PER DAY and give your client his/hers moneys worth. Thus the reason why I prefer to do only 1 inspection per day. I do not feel satisfied when I leave an inspection unless I a confident that I have given my client his monies worth. If your inspector says he can do the inspection in 2 1/2 hours, find someone else!

4. My only goal is that you receive a thorough and unbiased evaluation of your prospective purchase.

5. I am a WDI (Wood Destroying Insects) certified by the state of Nebraska. I will be glad to do a termite inspection on your home while doing a whole house inspection, however, I advice my clients to have the termite inspection done by a reputable termite/pest control company. They are in the business of termite detection and treatment. They do not do whole house inspections.



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